• Holding your breath
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    Improve Breathing for Better Performance

    Have you ever done a hard effort and noticed as time passes your breath gets shorter and shorter? At a certain point you slow, as you just can’t keep up the effort and it feels like you cannot get enough air in. An article produced by a group of researchers from Harms et al. in 1997 measured the blood flow to the legs during cycling exercise. Over time, as the breathing muscles fatigued, blood delivery to the legs reduced because the breathing muscles demanded it and as a result performance levels declined.  Thus, to perform at your best, being able to breathe efficiently is critical. https://lukejonestri.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/08/joined_video_abaccdf1488a4009aa0e6778d888ec09.mp4 Tips to Improve Breathing Be mindful…

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