Thankful for achieving what seemed impossible

Always be honest with yourself and make time for the things that really matter.

Luke Jones

Dad, Husband, Engineer, Triathlete


Luke completed his first triathlon in 2017 as motivation to get fit. He thrived on the competition and found an instant connection to the sport. Being involved in a passionate community, encouraging each other to do the best they can. Luke realised with hard work achieving goals that seemed impossible is possible.

As a kid, Luke loved to take part in any sport. A jack of all trades, master of none, he was successful in running because of a never give up attitude. However, without training, success was limited to local regional events. Fast forward two decades to taking up the challenge of triathlon. Both the swim and bike legs proved serious weaknesses for good performance. However, the ‘never give up’ mentality served Luke well, as he trained, raced and learnt more about the sport to improve.

His rapid growth in the sport of triathlon has resulted in multiple age group wins. Qualifying 3 times for the world championships and representing Australia at the ITU world championships. There are many facets involved in the triathlon sport; it’s not about winning, but about giving the best you can. Sometimes races go to plan, and other times everything goes wrong. There are always positives to take away and learn to be better. That’s the sport triathlon is. Luke’s journey is far from over, as he continues to pursue his athletic limits. He’s thankful for the opportunities and health to enjoy this great sport.

Luke has also become a certified triathlon coach to help others enjoy this fantastic sport. Coaching is built around guiding athletes and facilitating their growth within the sport of triathlon. Luke has an ability to work in partnership with others to help achieve their personal goals. 


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