• Recovery

    Importance of sleep

    Sleep promotes the building of muscle, strength, and endurance. It is critical to recovery and should be made a priority if you want to get your best results. Although I know these facts, I still really struggle in the sleep department to go to bed when I should! I bring this topic up, as of late its been something I’ve really been struggling with to get on top of. As an age grouper triathlete with a family, I like to have some downtime that’s not training, working or getting the kids sorted. I have a natural tendency to stay up and so I find myself digging a hole for myself…

  • Training

    Have fun!

    Triathlon is known as a lifestyle sport. This is because as one gets more into the sport of triathlon, your lifestyle changes to balance the training needed for 3 different disciplines. There’s also gloomy fact about triathlon, is that many people after a period of time will burnout and possibly hang up the tri suit. The training can turn into a grind with hours upon hours each week, particularly when chasing a PR for long course triathlon. Taking time to just have fun can make all the difference. Getting outside to swim, bike or run should be an enjoyable experience. Find others to training with can really help with this,…

  • Training

    Can I do one more rep?

    As you embark on training for endurance at one point or another it becomes apparent that volume matters. But more volume equates to more fatigue, which is the goal, however, there’s a line where it can become all too much to recover from. In build phases, it’s not ideal to fully recover between sessions, as the time of rest required is counterproductive to consistently build your fitness base.  This then can quickly lead to the question of ‘Am I overtraining?’ Its can be hard as an athlete to know when you are overreaching with training and what is just your mind being a wimp. Once in an overtrained state continuing to…

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