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    Hip Mobility

    With running or cycling it is all in the hips. Having adequate mobility so you can use your muscles efficiently to generate power is key. It is for this reason I’ve been working on my hip mobility. Good hip mobility promotes a stable platform to work with and reduces injury risk as your body doesn’t have to use ‘workarounds’ for each step you take. Hip Mobility Routine This routine can be done in front of TV. I aim to do this 2-3 times a week, as it’s something I need to work on. The routine takes approximately 10mins to run through. Rolling glutes on a spiky ball (30sec each side)…

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    You are what you eat?

    We’ve all heard the statement ‘you are what you eat’ and if you haven’t you have now! Eating food which is healthy will make us healthy, while food which is loaded with sugar and little nutrients will make us fat.. or fast? Gels, sugary drinks are the go to ‘rocket fuel’ for athletes around the world. I guess we really are what we eat!? Unfortunately, it’s not so straightforward as that, our bodies are complex, but here are some lessons from my triathlon journey. Eating For The Effort A balanced training plan will provide some days which create high load and others with little. When you have a training plan…

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