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    Improve Breathing for Better Performance

    Have you ever done a hard effort and noticed as time passes your breath gets shorter and shorter? At a certain point you slow, as you just can’t keep up the effort and it feels like you cannot get enough air in. An article produced by a group of researchers from Harms et al. in 1997 measured the blood flow to the legs during cycling exercise. Over time, as the breathing muscles fatigued, blood delivery to the legs reduced because the breathing muscles demanded it and as a result performance levels declined.  Thus, to perform at your best, being able to breathe efficiently is critical. Tips to Improve Breathing Be mindful…

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    Prehab for Running

    Improving your running takes doing it regularly, but running is tough on the body. Jumping up and down on concrete is pretty jarring, let alone doing it on a single leg. It is for this reason that most injuries in triathlon occur when running. The more time you spend running, doing some sort of strength and conditioning becomes even more important. Completing exercises regularly to strengthen your body against the strain of running will greatly reduce your injury risk. Following is a short routine I do to help me maintain my running. Exercise Routine A lot of these exercises use a single leg to better replicate the requirements of running.…

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    Running Drills

    Running is a physically demanding sport. When you stand on one leg, 100% of your body weight applies to that limb. However, the act of running (think leaping through the air!) adds to the force through a single leg, up to 2 or 3 times. Garmin reports that my average stride length is ~1.15m, so over the course of 10km that adds up to over 8,600 steps. Every step when running forces your body to absorb and release energy. Running regularly is important to improve, but the number of steps quickly add up, and poor run form will cause the body needing to soak up much of the energy created.…

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    Run 5km Faster

    Why Run a Fast 5km? Training for the 5km distance is something anyone can do. It’s time-efficient since there’s no need for super long-distance runs, rather shorter interval work is key. It’s a great distance for weight management and gaining fitness. To run a good 5km it’s about speed, strength and endurance combined. The distance is long enough for it to become very challenging, creating a great training stimulus to build your mental fortitude. But also short enough that when things get hard, you are well over halfway, and you can’t give up once you’ve gone that far. The best part of 5km? Assuming you warm down properly, you can…

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