• Bike

    Ride Faster Easier

    Riding faster can be infectious. It is hard to articulate exactly what it is, but there’s something about flying along on two wheels, only powered by the human body. To keep getting faster though involves hard work. However, what if I said there were some ways to ride faster without said ‘hardness’. If that sounds good keep on reading. Ride for Enjoyment Don’t forget how much fun it can be riding. The wind, the burn in the legs, the stress release, it’s amazing where a bike can take you. Whether you enjoy long chats with mates, or just riding along in silence contemplating your own thoughts, being on a bike…

  • Training

    Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid

    There’s so much to focus on with the sport of triathlon that it can be very easy to get carried away. I’ve definitely been guilty of making a fair few mistakes on my triathlon journey. Here are some common mistakes to avoid. Neglecting Recovery Training stress our bodies, and its recovery that makes our bodies stronger. Not making sleep a priority greatly increases injury risk.Treat rest like a key workout day. Taking naps can be a great way to catch up on the necessary recovery needed when training for triathlon. It can be worth scheduling 15mins into each day to just find a quiet place to rest. Not making rest…

  • Running 5km at Parkrun

    Run 5km Faster

    Why Run a Fast 5km? Training for the 5km distance is something anyone can do. It’s time-efficient since there’s no need for super long-distance runs, rather shorter interval work is key. It’s a great distance for weight management and gaining fitness. To run a good 5km it’s about speed, strength and endurance combined. The distance is long enough for it to become very challenging, creating a great training stimulus to build your mental fortitude. But also short enough that when things get hard, you are well over halfway, and you can’t give up once you’ve gone that far. The best part of 5km? Assuming you warm down properly, you can…

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