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    Goal Setting

    Why set goals? Goal setting is important to get the best out of yourself. Achieving progress is very difficult within having a goal to look towards. By setting a goal, you create accountability to work towards the task. It is useful to help get you started and to overcome procrastination. Having a goal provides a way to measure your progress. Goals can come in all shapes and sizes and are key to enabling us to endure. A classic example for me was completing university. The focus was on getting to the end of each year, to chip away at the four-year degree. Before I knew it, I’d achieved my degree.…

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    Cycling Prehab

    One thing I’ve learnt the hard way is that it’s easier to prevent an injury than to rehab an injury. In my mind when I used to think about strength and conditioning, it conjured up gym goers spending hours at the gym. So in my naivety I just neglected it, preferring to spend my time finding new routes outdoors. Fast forward a few years and I like to think I’m a little wiser having more time on earth. Strength and conditioning need not be a replacement training session in duration, instead, a little time regularly will keep your body in excellent shape. Have you ever got home at 95km, and…

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