• Training

    Training Solo

    Motivation and Interest Training alone can be hard, particularly when you’re used to the company of others. With coronavirus (COVID-19) on the spread, it’s important that we work together to slow the spread, even if it is in isolation. With no races soon keeping some motivation can be hard. I already do most of my training alone, because of work and life obligations. So here are my top 5 tips to help keep up the motivation and interest while training solo. 5 Tips for Training Solo 1.    Go Somewhere New Variety is the spice of life, it’s true. Exploring somewhere new is a great way to forget about the…

  • Product Review

    First Impressions: ENVE Wheels

    I had high hopes for ENVE 7.8s and the SES disc, having read much information about the speed of the wheels. ENVE has been around for years and is well established within the professional cycling ranks. I’ve used several other carbon wheel brands and was keen to experience them for myself. In summary, they did not disappoint! Wheel Stiffness I purchased my wheels with the ENVEs carbon hubs, which have an optimise flange geometry, designed for reliability and to improve ride quality. I’m not the type of rider who is capable of dropping huge watt bombs. However, I still seem to push enough power to cause wheels to rub on…

  • Race reports

    Big Husky 2020 Race Report

    The Husky triathlon is a race I’d been looking forward to. It’s the last race I was focused on for this season and I was quite nervous about it. I was even a little fearful after hurting my achilles only 2 weeks prior to the event, wondering whether I could finish the run and if I did, would it be at my long-term determent? I had the best sleep (only woke twice through the night) I’ve had pre-race and was awakened by my alarm. Staying close to the transition was a bonus, as it made it reduced my stress getting all set up and ready for the day ahead. I…

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