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Reviewing Earshots Earbuds

I’m often out training somewhere and mostly solo. However, Ive really embraced podcasts as a way to learn something while training and also to be entertained. As such earbuds are an essential bit of kit when I’m heading out the door. The problem that plagues wireless earbuds is falling off, particularly when running fast. It’s even more frustrating on a bike and losing an earbud from hitting a small bump as you fly down a hill. So I started to investigate solutions, step up Earshots.

Earshots Earbuds Specifications

What’s Included?

  • Left Earshot
  • Right Earshot
  • Charge Case
  • USB-C Charge Cord


  • 14.2mm titanium coated driver
  • Audio frequency response range: 60hz to 24khz
  • Support for 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio
  • Pressurised rear acoustic chamber with dual ports for mid-range bleeding
  • Helmholtz resonator 
  • Support for Qualcomm aptX™ audio
  • Qualcomm 5141 amplifier


  • 5 earbud position settings
  • Earshots Shocklock Magnetic Earclip
  • Non-occluding earbud


  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Bluetooth low energy; Dual mode bluetooth
  • Bluetooth Data Rate:3 Mbps EDR,EDR,1 Mbps BR,2 Mbps EDR
  • Custom built Earshots Orbit link antenna, based on a Quarter Wave Whip Antenna 
  • 30m range
  • Qualcomm True Wireless Mirroring

Earbuds Battery

  • Battery range of 8-10 hours dependant on codec and volume
  • 3.7V lithium ion battery
  • Qualcomm 5141 processor power management

Charging Case

  • 150 hours of stored power
  • 1500mAh lithium ion battery
  • Fast charge
  • Single touch charge level indicator

IPX5 waterproofing


Earshots approach to providing a earbud solution is to go heavy duty. They are serious bit of kit built to last. The case gives you the impression it would survive being runover by a car, not that I’d try. Another thing that I give thumbs up to, is the packaging or lack of. They come delivered in a study bespoke cardboard box with instructions printed on the box and that’s it. Thinking about the environment we play in, I like it.

The first things I noticed when trying them on is that they feel too big for my ears, admittedly I’ve small ears (my wife constantly teases me about it haha). However, the sound quality is great and so is the clarity. I also know my ears are a little sensitive (its made me quite fussy about face masks as many hurt my ears with 15-20mins), but the Earshots are quite manageable for a couple of hours, after which I find them a little uncomfortable. However, I do feel I’m more the exception rather than the rule.

I really like the ability to run with just one earbud and still having all functionality. Other earbuds, if the ‘master’ battery goes flat, the slave is very limited in what can do, and if you lose connection no way to re-establish.

The battery life on these earbuds is seriously good. If you were allowed them for an Ironman they’d make it to the finish off a single charge! Then there’s the charging case, which also holds a huge amount of charge, and is quick to boost the earbuds power back up. The battery duration exceeds all my needs to date.

Phone quality is good, particular what I hear. Feedback from the other end of the call is that they hear everything (background noise), although I’m quite clear. 

Even though they don’t feel as though they fit me well, they certainly do as promised. After a couple of months of testing I’ve never dropped an earbud while training, and has always sounded good whether it be a podcast, music or a phone call. This alone make them my go to earbuds, as when it happens in the middle of a vo2 rep, Im torn between keeping going and losing the earbud (cant find it) and losing the momentum/flow of a session.


I’ve been using the plantronics  and JBLs wireless headphones for years. So these are what I’ll compare against.

Maybe its not such a fair comparison as the JBL are now half the price ($240 down to $120) from when I got them, and the Plantronics backbeat 3200 have been replaced by the 3150 model ($240 RRP). However, these are the models I’ve used hence the table below. Earshots comes in at $199 RRP, but you can use code LukeJonesTri for a 10% discount.

  • JBL Reflect Mini NC
  • Plantronics Backbeat Fit 3200
  • Earshots Earbud
JBL Reflect Mini NCPlantronics Backbeat Fit 3200Earshots Earbud
FitFits good with correct fin, but falls out easily even on a treadmill..Secure, although if bumped it falls off. 🙁Not so suited to small ears, but stays locked on in place
Phone QualityGood, as long as not moving fastNot useableGood, albeit other user hears everything
Noise Cancelling
Battery Life<7hr - 2-3hrs in my experience<8hr - <4 is more realistic<10hr - hasnt died on me at 6hrs, so seems legit
Control from single earbud
Single earbud solo modeRight OnlyRight OnlyLeft or Right
Google Assist / Siri
JBLOffice WorksEarshots

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