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    Cycling Prehab

    One thing I’ve learnt the hard way is that it’s easier to prevent an injury than to rehab an injury. In my mind when I used to think about strength and conditioning, it conjured up gym goers spending hours at the gym. So in my naivety I just neglected it, preferring to spend my time finding new routes outdoors. Fast forward a few years and I like to think I’m a little wiser having more time on earth. Strength and conditioning need not be a replacement training session in duration, instead, a little time regularly will keep your body in excellent shape. Have you ever got home at 95km, and…

  • Holding your breath
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    Improve Breathing for Better Performance

    Have you ever done a hard effort and noticed as time passes your breath gets shorter and shorter? At a certain point you slow, as you just can’t keep up the effort and it feels like you cannot get enough air in. An article produced by a group of researchers from Harms et al. in 1997 measured the blood flow to the legs during cycling exercise. Over time, as the breathing muscles fatigued, blood delivery to the legs reduced because the breathing muscles demanded it and as a result performance levels declined.  Thus, to perform at your best, being able to breathe efficiently is critical. Tips to Improve Breathing Be mindful…

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    Understanding Cycling Power Zones

    Training according to power and/or heart rate is a great way to get specific with training to maximise improvements. Following is a table which gives a comparison between intensity, heart rate, and power zones. With the use of a power meter, it is possible to target specific training zones to generate certain training outcomes as discussed in this blog. 7 Cycling Power Zones These zones are the standard cycling zones generated by Dr. Andrew Coggan (Co-author of the book Training and Racing with a Power Meter). Zone 1  Active recovery                <55% of FTP This zone is to encourage recovery without adding additional stress…

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    Ride Faster Easier

    Riding faster can be infectious. It is hard to articulate exactly what it is, but there’s something about flying along on two wheels, only powered by the human body. To keep getting faster though involves hard work. However, what if I said there were some ways to ride faster without said ‘hardness’. If that sounds good keep on reading. Ride for Enjoyment Don’t forget how much fun it can be riding. The wind, the burn in the legs, the stress release, it’s amazing where a bike can take you. Whether you enjoy long chats with mates, or just riding along in silence contemplating your own thoughts, being on a bike…

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