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  • Product Review

    Reviewing Earshots Earbuds

    I’m often out training somewhere and mostly solo. However, Ive really embraced podcasts as a way to learn something while training and also to be entertained. As such earbuds are an essential bit of kit when I’m heading out the door. The problem that plagues wireless earbuds is falling off, particularly when running fast. It’s even more frustrating on a bike and losing an earbud from hitting a small bump as you fly down a hill. So I started to investigate solutions, step up Earshots. Earshots Earbuds Specifications What’s Included? Left Earshot Right Earshot Charge Case USB-C Charge Cord Audio 14.2mm titanium coated driver Audio frequency response range: 60hz to…

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    Reviewing the JBL Reflect Mini NC

    I love music, it’s powerful and affects my emotions. I also really enjoy learning and a good audiobook or podcast makes training sessions fly past, sometimes I do an extra lap just to finish a chapter. But I sweat a lot, even in my ears.. yes I agree it’s gross, but I like to think it helps me in the heat. Historically, this means lots of dead earphones. Step up the JBL Reflect Mini NC. JBL Reflect Mini NC Specifications Driver size: 6mm/1/4″ dynamic driver Power supply: 5.0V 400mA Earpiece: 6.8g/pc (13.6g combined) Charging case: 45.4g Headset battery type: Lithium-ion battery (50mA/3.7V) Charging case battery type: Lithium-ion battery (300mA/3.7V) Charging…

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    Spring Energy Review

    In life, what you put in is what you typically get out. As I triathlete I spend a lot of time training each week, and thus fuelling to be able to keep backing up sessions is important. I’ve always subscribed to a more balanced diet, not eliminating any food types. I do love my carbs, but am also love the flavours from fats. So I don’t really have an opinion on all the different diets that are promoted to be the best for performance, only that you cannot go wrong with eating whole foods. Here’s some thoughts from my journey to improve my efforts on race day. Fueling while racing…

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    First Impressions: ENVE Wheels

    I had high hopes for ENVE 7.8s and the SES disc, having read much information about the speed of the wheels. ENVE has been around for years and is well established within the professional cycling ranks. I’ve used several other carbon wheel brands and was keen to experience them for myself. In summary, they did not disappoint! Wheel Stiffness I purchased my wheels with the ENVEs carbon hubs, which have an optimise flange geometry, designed for reliability and to improve ride quality. I’m not the type of rider who is capable of dropping huge watt bombs. However, I still seem to push enough power to cause wheels to rub on…

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