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    The Basics of Tapering

    What is tapering? Taper – to reduce or diminish. Tapering is the process of shedding fatigue from heavy training loads to be fresh for race day. For endurance sports such as triathlon, this is important to a good performance. The tapering period will vary between athletes depending on the amount of fatigue that has been accumulated and is very individual. Tapering is about providing more opportunities to recover both mentally and physically. How do you taper? Remember that taper is about recovery, and during this phase, you are not trying to build fitness. I feel it’s best to maintain a similar routine, but reduce the volume of training. Sessions that…

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    Canberra Triathlon Race Report

    With less than a week to go till race day, they announced that the standard distance triathlon would become a duathlon because of water quality problems. 5km run, 40km bike, 10km run. My goal of trying to break 2 hours for the standard distance would have to wait for another time. I was confident of going under 2hrs now, and the new mini-goal became to ride 58:xx for the 40km bike leg. Staying within 5km from the race start I had a nice little ride with the sunrise for the backdrop. Often I’m a little stressed but this time I found it relaxing. I think the fact it was a…

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    Sun Run Aquathon Race Report

    It exciting to do my first race for 2020. The sun run aquathon is an event I’ve taken part in since its launch in 2018. I got to the event nice and early to give myself plenty of time to warm up, and before I knew it I was standing on the start line waiting for the gun to go off. Looking around, I saw two athletes (John and Keegan) in the Australian ITU AG triathlon suits. Mental note they are probably the main competition to monitor. Run Leg 1 Seconds before the gun went off this dude with no shirt barges past to get a couple steps (false start…

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