• Race reports

    Sun Run Aquathon Race Report

    It exciting to do my first race for 2020. The sun run aquathon is an event I’ve taken part in since its launch in 2018. I got to the event nice and early to give myself plenty of time to warm up, and before I knew it I was standing on the start line waiting for the gun to go off. Looking around, I saw two athletes (John and Keegan) in the Australian ITU AG triathlon suits. Mental note they are probably the main competition to monitor. Run Leg 1 Seconds before the gun went off this dude with no shirt barges past to get a couple steps (false start…

  • Race reports

    Taupo 70.3 Race Report

    A week after western Sydney 70.3 I was getting excited by the prospect of racing at Taupo the following week. A fever on Sunday just 6 days out started to change that. I was still hopeful to recover but as the days evaporated, and only 2 sleeps till race day, I was fearful about even being able to finish let alone race. Thank God my stomach somewhat settled on the penultimate race day. A diet of New Zealand honey (yum!) and bread was all I dared eat, different to my normal carb load. I tried to not overdo it on the food, else it brings on the discomfort I’d been…

  • Race reports

    Western Sydney 70.3 Race Report

    Western Sydney 70.3 last year was my first step up to a long course triathlon. So I was quite excited to race again having an idea about what to expect. Getting to the race venue with plenty of time to set up making transition a very relaxed affair. However, after spending 30mins lining up for the loo most of my ‘spare’ time evaporated. I helped put up the club tent and then realised with some shock that my wave was about to start in less than 5mins and I still hadn’t put my wetsuit on! No time for lube or anything, it was a mad rush to get it on…

  • Ready to race
    Race reports

    Hills Sprint Triathlon Race Report

    It’s been a while since a did a sprint race, and with only 2 weeks out from my 70.3 I thought it would provide a nice little tune-up. I wasn’t feeling great though having just recovered from a cold, a little lethargic is probably the best way to describe. I really want to go under an hour for a sprint distance, but the conditions were windy, so I wasn’t very hopeful. In fact, I was mentally preparing to go easy if there were any signs from my body that it wasn’t coping, so not a great way to be thinking about chasing a PB. But that wasn’t my goal for…

  • 2nd in AG at Nepean Triathlon
    Race reports

    Nepean Race Report

    My headspace in the lead up to Nepean triathlon was full of doubt. I’d also pulled out of two races as my hamstring has been causing me some issues. I’ve reduced my run volume and doing any speed work, and it worried me it might really flare up during the run leg of the triathlon. 2 nights prior to the race I wasn’t sure if I could race at all, as my body ached all over, it was like I had a fever (just minus the temp). Thankfully, the night before the race I was feeling much better and although tired, very relaxed about the coming race. James and I…

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