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A Mindset of Gratitude

Whether in lockdown or not having a mindset of gratitude is highly beneficial. In this era where mental health and depression are silent killers, it is an area of our life that we need to make sure we do not neglect. Life is far more enjoyable when you are in a more positive mindset, but also any athletic potential is also improved with a better mindset. So how to improve our mindset?

The Importance of Gratitude

With all the pain and hurt we experience in life it’s overwhelming to turn around and then be thankful. At 5 years old my eldest brother died and then over the next few years my grandpa, great-grandpa and another lady I referred to as my grandma also passed away. All this death before I’d even turned 10 significantly affected my life.

Growing up, I could have focused on the loss and how I’d been robbed especially with my brother. But I learnt it won’t change anything. Instead, being thankful for the family/friends I have left me in a far better mental state. Life is precious and short. We never know when our time will unexpectedly end. So don’t waste it dwelling on things we cannot change.

Gratitude changed my life. It helps me to shift my focus from my inward problems to be aware of more around me. It helps me to not miss out on the life that is passing me by. Plus, as mentioned it left me feeling far better and more positive about life.

Creating a Mindset of Gratitude

Practising gratitude for what we have, or what we experience can be as simple as being thankful for the weather (maybe for a nice sunny day to warm yourself, or even a rainy day to water the garden).

Create a routine around being thankful. We love routine, and adding some gratitude routinely into each day, it’s a perfect way to improve your mental health. A simple way to do this could be: If you’re eating with someone, how about pausing for a second before you eat and share something in your day that you are thankful for?

Some examples of things I’m thankful for:

  • My family
  • A hug my daughter gave me
  • Going for a run with my son
  • Being able to swim in the ocean
  • Technology and the internet (not sure how homeschooling would go without it!)
  • Being greeted by the wagging tail of my dog
  • The beauty of the grass and trees.
  • Support from my wife

..and the list goes on and on. I know I’m overwhelmingly blessed.

By focusing on the positive things around us, it helps to give us a better mental perspective on life. As someone who is chasing better athletic performance, this is extremely beneficial. The mind is your limiter on any physical endeavours. If you are starting in a negative state, to begin with, it is very hard to achieve your potential, so how about trying a little gratitude each day for a week and see how you feel?

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