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    Canberra Duathlon Race Report 2023

    I did this event last year in Canberra and it was the coldest race I’d ever competed in. It can be tricky packing the right gear when racing away from home, but this time round I was better prepared. 2 x base layers, arm warmers, gloves, tights, toe covers, and my tri suit. I woke to -3C temperatures and decent frost. I rode my bike to the start area, got set up and headed out for a 20min run in a tracksuit to warm up. I got back from my run for briefing and then it was time to line up and prepare to start. Run Leg 1 The pace…

  • Race reports

    Canberra Duathlon Race Report

    Canberra in winter would never be a hot race. I wore base layer, arm warmers and gloves to hopefully keep me warm enough during the Australian duathlon championships. The morning of the race it was cold, and the race organises delayed the start time to allow things to warm up a little, unfortunately this had the added effect of allowing the wind to become quite gusty. However, everyone would be in the same boat, and the paces just wouldn’t be as fast as I was hoping for. I did a good warm up before the start, running a few kilometers in my tracksuit to try to get some heat into…

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    Maitland Triathlon Race Report

    With flash flooding turning the triathlon into a duathlon my mentality shifted from just trying to get through the race as fast as I can, to actually making a tactical race of it. I lack pace in the swim, so I chase all the way to the finish, but with a run start I’m able to mix it upfront and become a little more strategic with my energy expenditure. I got a 10min run in before the race, but couldn’t quite shake the feeling that I could have done with double the time to get the heart and lungs going. However, there I was standing on the start line bracing…

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    Race reports

    PTC Duathlon Sprint Race

    I signed up for a sprint triathlon but with a couple days to go, due to poor water quality they changed the event to a duathlon format. I picked this event as a little tune up for a race the following week and came into it with no expectations carrying a lot of training fatigue. With a fairly relaxed start of 9:30am, there was no need for any early starts. Setting up in transition things looked quite sparse with only my bike and helmet needed. I genuinely had no idea how my legs would fair, but the goal was simple; just do the best I can. Run leg 1 We…

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