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    Challenge Canberra Race Report 2023

    Just after a storm passed, I drove to Canberra Friday evening with the family. The weather wasn’t looking good for the weekend, but although I was a little worried about bike safety, I was committed to racing. Saturday morning I got up and did my pre-race spin/run in light rain, and then the weather started to improve! At registration and bike check-in the weather looked great, until a heavy rain shower hit, but the forecast for race day was now sunny. Mentally I felt a little different than usual about this race. After absolutely smashing all expectations (and myself) at Western Sydney 70.3 I wasn’t hungry to test myself. I…

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    Run Shellharbour Half Marathon Race Report

    I’m fortunate enough to live only a couple kilometres from the beautiful Shellharbour, which hosts an annual half marathon event. The half marathon is my favourite running distance, as its more a threshold effort rather than the intensity of a 5 or 10km distance. I realised with a minor disappointment that in the lead up to the half marathon that I would be really hard-pressed to run a personal best because of my training lead in. But, I would not let that stop me from giving it a good crack and enjoying the attempt as well. I did a video log of my UTA100 race, and found it provided a…

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    Ultra Trail Australia 100km Race Report

    I’ve got decent fitness from triathlon so in Marth I thought I’d give this UTA event I kept hearing so much about a crack. But running trails were new to me and I’d never run further than ~35km. And yet here I was lining up to do two marathons in a row + some! 100km was too far for me to comprehend and frankly a little overwhelming. So rather than keep focusing on what I had no experience in doing, I chose to break it down into 10km chunks. 10km is a distance I’m very familiar with, and in fact, when I run less than 10km in training I hardly…

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