• Race reports

    Challenge Canberra Race Report 2023

    Just after a storm passed, I drove to Canberra Friday evening with the family. The weather wasn’t looking good for the weekend, but although I was a little worried about bike safety, I was committed to racing. Saturday morning I got up and did my pre-race spin/run in light rain, and then the weather started to improve! At registration and bike check-in the weather looked great, until a heavy rain shower hit, but the forecast for race day was now sunny. Mentally I felt a little different than usual about this race. After absolutely smashing all expectations (and myself) at Western Sydney 70.3 I wasn’t hungry to test myself. I…

  • Race reports

    Western Sydney 70.3 Race Report 2023

    The day before the race during my pre-race spin and run, my shins were quite sore during the run. It had me quite worried, but I tried not to dwell on it and just prayed it would be okay on race day. I’m not a morning person. I hate early starts, yet I woke up before my alarm at 4:15 am race morning. I always try to organise as much as possible the night before to remove any thought process when I’m still sleepy. I mindlessly ate and prepared bottles etc. and it was then time to hop in the car and drive to the race venue. I arrived, signed…

  • Recovery

    Importance of sleep

    Sleep promotes the building of muscle, strength, and endurance. It is critical to recovery and should be made a priority if you want to get your best results. Although I know these facts, I still really struggle in the sleep department to go to bed when I should! I bring this topic up, as of late its been something I’ve really been struggling with to get on top of. As an age grouper triathlete with a family, I like to have some downtime that’s not training, working or getting the kids sorted. I have a natural tendency to stay up and so I find myself digging a hole for myself…

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