• Using Social Media

    Social Media and Improving Performance

    Ever finish training and jump on to social media to share your latest workout? Or maybe you just want to know what others are up to. Social media can be a great tool for motivation and learning to improve performance. However, as a tool, use it appropriately. Social Media Traps There is plenty of useful tips and tricks to improve yourself as an athlete, but it can be a little overwhelming. There is so much content out there though you can end up spending more time learning about what you should do compared to just getting out there and doing what you need to do! Another thing to remember about…

  • Training

    Goal Setting

    Why set goals? Goal setting is important to get the best out of yourself. Achieving progress is very difficult within having a goal to look towards. By setting a goal, you create accountability to work towards the task. It is useful to help get you started and to overcome procrastination. Having a goal provides a way to measure your progress. Goals can come in all shapes and sizes and are key to enabling us to endure. A classic example for me was completing university. The focus was on getting to the end of each year, to chip away at the four-year degree. Before I knew it, I’d achieved my degree.…

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