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Social Media and Improving Performance

Ever finish training and jump on to social media to share your latest workout? Or maybe you just want to know what others are up to. Social media can be a great tool for motivation and learning to improve performance. However, as a tool, use it appropriately.

Social Media Traps

There is plenty of useful tips and tricks to improve yourself as an athlete, but it can be a little overwhelming. There is so much content out there though you can end up spending more time learning about what you should do compared to just getting out there and doing what you need to do! Another thing to remember about social media is that people only post what they want to share. When we compare ourselves to professionals or people we aspire to be like, it can be quite dangerous. Comparing is not a healthy exercise and will not aid your performance. Remember, we are all on our own unique journeys.

Creating content for social media can also distract you from the actual goal you set out to achieve. I know how easy it is for 15 minutes to fly by, trying to capture that perfect concept/idea you have in your head. When you have 1 hour to train, the focus should be on improving and getting the session done, rather than creating this persona of all the training you are doing.

Improving Performance

Although I am a fan of social media, let me outline a few guidelines for its use in optimising your performance.

Limiting your use of social media is a great way to improve your performance.

  • Rather than jumping on socials straight after a training session focus on getting some nutrition in order to aid the recovery process.
  • Consider the time you spend each day on social media, it can easily add up to be an hour or more. Now think about the benefits of halving that time spent on the phone and taking a nap instead.
  • Putting down devices at least an hour before bed is another way to improve your performance as it creates a space for better quality sleep.

Consider who you are following.

  • Is the influence a positive one for you or does it make you feel empty?
  • Remember, social media is a tool which can enhance your journey. Just don’t let it impede your performance! 

Creating content shouldn’t be all time-consuming. It’s about your journey ‘as is’ rather than creating something you think people want to see.

Some rules I apply to creating content is:

1) Wait till you finish the session and see if you have time.
2) Try 3 attempts (say with a timer shot), and if not working get on with your day.
3) When you put content out there, don’t then sit around waiting to see how many likes you get.


I’ll conclude by saying this, social media provides a great platform to share your journey, keep you accountable, and provide motivation. Just don’t let it control or impact the real physical and social connections you have. If this is the case, taking a couple of weeks off all social media can be a great way to centre and discover yourself again.

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