SunGod better products, better customer experience and better for the environment. This is their mission statement and in my experience something they stand by.

SunGod is part of 1% for the planet and are passionate about reducing their impact on the environment. Their products are great for an active lifestyle and the sunnies do not move even when I’m bounding over boulders on a trail run, or crashing down a rocking path of my MTB. They also come with a lifetime guarantee and the colours/lenses are highly customisable. 

I’m grateful to be part of the team!

I’ve tried many different types of nutrition and highly recommend Spring Energy. We spend so much time training, but you’re still only as good as the fuel you consume. Long term having lots of processed food is not ideal.

Spring Energy is made from real food and tastes great! Suitable for all distances.

blueseventy – Because 70% of the earth is covered in water, they are all about creating products that empower swimmers to achieve their personal bests.

I’ve tried a couple of different brands of wetsuits, and in my personal experience blueseventy is the best I’ve ever had.